The WL250 delivers on a promise of endless, refreshing, chilled water for your workplace. It features carbon filtration and is equipped with in-tank-sanitation (ITS). This feature utilizes ultraviolet light as an effective method to prevent the potential for biofilm (slime) buildup in the storage tank. Ultraviolet light also helps reduce any heterotrophic bacteria that may occur in drinking water. The business-friendly design and guaranteed reliability ensure you have all the quality cold and hot water your employees and guests need.


Type Available: Tower Countertop
Tower Dimensions: 13.75″(W) x 41″ (H) x 14.5″ (D)
Countertop Dimensions: 13.75″(W) x 17.75″ (H) x 14.5″ (D)
Dispense area height: 8.5″
UV bacterial control: Internal UV


Available on All Units

ACTIVE BACTERIAL CONTROL. BioCote® is a safe, natural, effective, yet powerful anti-microbial coating that does not wear off or leach and is engineered into the products during manufacturing. It protects all surfaces against bacteria, mold, and fungi 24 hours a day. BioCote® is an anti-microbial, silver ion based technology that breaks down bacteria on contact and renders them unable to reproduce, further causing them to die. There is no evidence to suggest that bacteria are or become resistant to it. In addition, BioCote® inhibits the growth of a broad range of micro-organisms, such as Staph Aurius and E-coli.

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